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I grew up in a ball of fear. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of doing or saying the wrong thing. Fear of not knowing, being stupid, unacceptable, intolerable. Until I realised the biggest fear of all, was being me.

Then I found the tools to help me see through the illusions and lies that created the fear and break free. In doing so I found me. Me who gets up in the morning feeling excited to face the new day. Me who loves and accepts me just the way I am. Me who looks at you and understands and loves you. Me who want to support you in finding your me. Me who is perfect as me.

Evelyn x

The first six years are some of the most important years of our lives. We are born with instincts that help us get our needs met, like crying when we are hungry. We learn quickly what we need to do to get what we want. If we are ignored when we cry, we learn to be more subdued. If we are given anything we want when we throw a tantrum, we learn that we can get anything if we just scream hard enough.

Whether positive or negative, all of these patterns and behaviours we learn in our early years, from our parents, siblings, guardians, teachers, and our culture, will go on to have a huge effect on our life right through to adulthood. Some of these patterns and behaviours are helpful, making us confident, well balanced, truthful, or caring. Some of these patterns are very unhelpful. They can create a lack of self-worth, lack of confidence, lack of self-acceptance, and cause anxiety, depression, tension, and even illness. Our negative patterns and behaviours hold us back from fulfilling our full potential in multiple aspects of our lives.

It does not need to be this way. I have supported many people to transform their lives and overcome the negative behaviours that are holding them back. Together, we can help you to become the happy, successful person that you deserve to be. To talk about your options contact me on my website or telephone +44 (0)7797 756 515

The JourneyI have been awake most of the night tossing and turning. Lots of memories started coming into my head. Memories of the storm in 87, memories of my sister coming home to Ireland from USA. Memories when I worked in education, or when I was a volunteer. I found myself going over and remembering lots of memories from my childhood – some good and some not so good. With the use of The Journey tools, I found myself asking for forgiveness, and also giving a lot of forgiveness.

When we truly forgive we open ourselves to the possibility of letting go. That letting go opens us to a huge freedom. When we forgive and let go, a huge weight is lifted. It’s like going to your wardrobe and getting rid of all the stuff you know you no longer need or want, but held on to for years. In the freedom comes lightness – lightness of heart, lightness of being.

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When we think of grief we think of losing someone close to us. But we can grieve for many different reasons, the loss of a friendship, a job, a possession. We can grieve for the live we once lived, or the loss of something important to us. If we allow it, the grief can consume us. We can carry it with us, everywhere we go. Read more

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Talking therapy, counselling, there are many names and many guises but all are based on the principal that sometimes simply “talking” to someone can lift great burdens from the shoulders. Read more


I started using Aura-Soma’s Equilibrium bottle Archangel Ambriel (B110 rose pink over deep magenta) a couple of weeks ago. It took around 10 days before I really noticed anything happening. I started to have these weird dreams in which I experienced anxiety, fear, and anger.

A short while later I noticed that I had been through two thirds of the bottle. I was still having these weird dreams but nothing else, so I asked out loud “I wonder what you are going to show me”. That night when I went to bed, I was unusually cold – I just couldn’t seem to get warm. After putting on a pair of socks and a dressing gown, I eventually drifted off to sleep – and had more strange dreams. Read more

Evelyn Andrews Journey Practitioner Jersey letting go of fear

Dan* was suffering with arthritic pain in his hands. This was not good for Dan, who worked in the construction industry. The pain was forcing him to take time off work, and he was worried he would lose his job. The pain in Dan’s joints and fingers continued to get worse, so one of Dan’s friends recommended that he come to me for a Journey Process.

During Dan’s Journey Process he found he was holding onto a lot of fear. As he went deeper into the fear, exploring what was behind it, he found a memory. When he was very young, he didn’t have much confidence in himself. If he had to do any writing at school, he would be so nervous about getting it wrong that he would hold his ink pen very tightly, preventing him moving the pen easily across the page. The nib of his ink pen kept on breaking, so his work always looked messy. Because his work was messy, and because he had to ask for a new nib, he became even more nervous, and frightened that he would be told off by his teachers. Read more

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A few years ago, after my Saturday morning walks along the cliff paths, I started to get a strange sensation in my left leg.  It was as if there was fluid running down the side of my leg, all the way from my knee into my foot. The sensation wasn’t there all the time, and the feeling was more annoying than anything else.  With most of my energy focused on studying to become a teacher in Aura-Soma (I was a Colour Care consultant at this time), I didn’t do anything about it. Read more

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p16-jersey-pomander-magentaFor part of my morning meditation preparation, I regularly use a pomander. This morning I chose the pale magenta pomander, and visualized a pale magenta light surrounding the Earth.  I asked for healing for the Earth and all the beings within, upon, and above the Earth (this is an exercise I learned from my training with Aura-Soma, and do every day).  I feel this is very important at this moment in time as we are going through a huge transformation. There is a lot of anger, anxiety, fear, hurt, and sadness in the world. You only have to put on the TV or pick up the newspaper to see what I mean! Read more

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Quintessence PALLAS ATHENAThe Quintessences relate to the master range within the Equilibrium set. Bottles B50 to B64 Each Master vibration brings with it certain qualities , certain experiences. They work through astral and etheric levels to facilitate the flow of energy from the inner planes. There function is  invocative. Read more