aura-soma in jersey

You are the colours that you choose and these reflect the needs of your mind, body and soul.

Do you ever feel lost and unsure about which direction you want to go in life?

hands900Aura-Soma is an exciting colour system that relies on bottles of dual-colour liquids created by using the dynamic, living energies of nature and the finest natural ingredients: herbs, essential oils, crystals and gem energies.

All ingredients are selected and synchronised through their colour resonance. These are then used in a variety of ways that nourish both the body and the aura to promote awareness and increase transformation from the deepest level of your being.

Aura-Soma equilibrium bottles are known as the windows to the soul. They provide the tools to assist you in meeting life’s challenges and to promote physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Whilst not a therapy in the traditional sense, the Aura-Soma system doesn’t claim to heal medical conditions but rather embraces the holistic approach and looks at what lies behind disease and brings around a greater ease within yourself.