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Finding Me

I grew up in a ball of fear. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of doing or saying the wrong thing. Fear of not knowing, being stupid, unacceptable, intolerable. Until I realised the biggest fear of all, was being me. Then I found the tools to help me see through the illusions and lies […]

Creating the life you want, with Evelyn Andrews

The first six years are some of the most important years of our lives. We are born with instincts that help us get our needs met, like crying when we are hungry. We learn quickly what we need to do to get what we want. If we are ignored when we cry, we learn to […]


Clearing out your wardrobe

I have been awake most of the night tossing and turning. Lots of memories started coming into my head. Memories of the storm in 87, memories of my sister coming home to Ireland from USA. Memories when I worked in education, or when I was a volunteer. I found myself going over and remembering lots […]

Letting go of Fear

Dan* was suffering with arthritic pain in his hands. This was not good for Dan, who worked in the construction industry. The pain was forcing him to take time off work, and he was worried he would lose his job. The pain in Dan’s joints and fingers continued to get worse, so one of Dan’s […]

Which one do you want to create?

For part of my morning meditation preparation, I regularly use a pomander. This morning I chose the pale magenta pomander, and visualized a pale magenta light surrounding the Earth.  I asked for healing for the Earth and all the beings within, upon, and above the Earth (this is an exercise I learned from my training with Aura-Soma, and do every day).  I feel this […]


Quintessences The Quintessences relate to the master range within the Equilibrium set. Bottles B50 to B64 Each Master vibration brings with it certain qualities , certain experiences. They work through astral and etheric levels to facilitate the flow of energy from the inner planes. There function is  invocative.

New Year

Freedom The holiday season has now come to an end and we have welcomed in the new year. Lots of us will remember it for the wonderful time we had and the memories we made.  Unfortunately, not every one feels the same. There are people out there that dread Christmas and all its festivities. Be […]