aura-soma in jersey - breath of love

Turquoise / Magenta

Shakes together as:  Violet
Chakra: Base, Heart and Crown

The Breath of Love: The need and the gift  and to have and to give love .

Love, kindness, compassion, creative expression, communication from the feeling side of the being, a few simple words to describe this beautiful Jewel. A person who finds love in the little things. The divine love within ourselves opens when we pay attention to the tiniest details in life.

Ab45-breath-of-love-jersey wise and sensitive person with access to ancient knowledge, who understands this knowledge very well. Someone who has loving kindness and compassion within that needs to be shared with others. Creative expression, music, dance, poetry, painting. It helps with healing the world in order to have and to give love through the little things. Helpful for unfolding the process of individuation. It assists us to overcome a disappointment in love. To restore the creativity to flow.

My own experience using this bottle.

A very special bottle to me ( B45. known as the Breath Of Love ) is what I have come to know as my soul bottle. Back in 1992 when I first started using Aura-Soma Equilibrium, was when  I first experienced B45. I instantly fell in love with it. It reminded me of when I was a very young child. I remember standing on the back steps holding a strips of lace trim in my hand. As I’m looking at the beautiful colours, turquoise, magenta, pink, blue, it gave me a sense of awe, of beauty, of love, it felt magical. I had this very strong feeling rise up inside me. It was a real longing for something, something I knew but couldn’t remember. Something I couldn’t reach, something I was missing. I felt huge grief and a great sense of loss. I had this feeling several times through my life. Such as, when the morning sun would shine through the window on to the bottom of the bed, I would curl up in the light of the sun rays with that same feeling of awe and magic. Or when my sister made her first holy communion and she had sparkles on her dress. The sparkles also had this profound effect on the longing of something I was missing.

Let me tell you, this longing, this grief I felt like a huge hole inside of me. What was it I couldn’t remember? What was it I couldn’t know? It was like a huge secret. The beauty of the turquoise and magenta brought all the feelings back to me. Then, I started using it and it made me feel loved and cherished, without the need to do anything. I began to realise I had spent my life like a chameleon. Always trying to fit in with everyone else, always trying to fit in in general. Never feeling good enough, always feeling in the way, tolerated. Never able to express my own needs, especially in my relationships, for fear of rejection. If I could be more like you, her or them, then maybe I would be liked and wanted. B45 was the key! Through this realisation and using the bottle, I began to understand what I was longing for. What the secret was. This realisation was magical, it was Me, Me, ME, ME!! I was longing for myself and I was calling to me. Because, I am love, I am beauty. I am everything. All of it was a huge calling me home to me. I realised I had always been looking outside. Thinking if I worked hard enough; if I pleased every one. if I was like everyone else, then it would be ok. What a load of crapology! I learned to go within and shed the skins of lies I had told myself. I also realised it was me, who had in fact rejected me. I started to fall in love with me, not in an egotistic me; but, the real me.

I am me and I love myself just the way I am.

I am perfect as I am.