the journey in Jersey

Welcome to The Journey – a unique, powerful and experiential process which promotes healing at the deepest level.

The Journey is a world renowned healing tool that has helped transform the lives of hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. Pioneered by the internationally acclaimed mind, body and healing expert Brandon Bays; the Journey therapy works directly with your ‘body memory’ to help clear long-held emotional and physical blocks. Thus, helping your body heal from a wide range of physical, mental and emotional issues. Thereby allowing the body to facilitate healing and release emotions at a cellular level.

preview-full-unspecified-12Negative personality traits and patterns, learned at an early age, can often repeat and attract experiences that confirm our negative beliefs about ourselves. Scientific research shows that when we suppress our emotions, our DNA mutates and lays the foundation of disease.

I have been practicing since 2002 and I am ready to help support you in your Journey to uncover your own answers, realise your own deepest truth and to enable you to experience profound emotional and physical healing at a cellular level. I want to help guide you to the freedom, peace, happiness and contentment that you deserve.

“The Journey” can improve your life no matter what issues might be holding you back.

Journey therapy has helped people from all walks of life suffering from all kinds of issues, ranging from just feeling flat and unmotivated, to trauma or addiction.