Evelyn Andrews

A few years ago, after my Saturday morning walks along the cliff paths, I started to get a strange sensation in my left leg.  It was as if there was fluid running down the side of my leg, all the way from my knee into my foot. The sensation wasn’t there all the time, and the feeling was more annoying than anything else.  With most of my energy focused on studying to become a teacher in Aura-Soma (I was a Colour Care consultant at this time), I didn’t do anything about it. Read more

Thursday 28 May 2015

12 months ago I did something very brave, I decided it was time to deal with my backpack of junk. The one that I have been carrying for a long time, the one that has been holding me back, making me sick and depressed. Encouraged by a friend I had looked in to Brandon Bay’s The Journey and I decided that I wanted to dig deeper and find out more, that is how I found Eve Andrews. Read more