The JourneyI have been awake most of the night tossing and turning. Lots of memories started coming into my head. Memories of the storm in 87, memories of my sister coming home to Ireland from USA. Memories when I worked in education, or when I was a volunteer. I found myself going over and remembering lots of memories from my childhood – some good and some not so good. With the use of The Journey tools, I found myself asking for forgiveness, and also giving a lot of forgiveness.

When we truly forgive we open ourselves to the possibility of letting go. That letting go opens us to a huge freedom. When we forgive and let go, a huge weight is lifted. It’s like going to your wardrobe and getting rid of all the stuff you know you no longer need or want, but held on to for years. In the freedom comes lightness – lightness of heart, lightness of being.

Evelyn Andrews

A few years ago, after my Saturday morning walks along the cliff paths, I started to get a strange sensation in my left leg.  It was as if there was fluid running down the side of my leg, all the way from my knee into my foot. The sensation wasn’t there all the time, and the feeling was more annoying than anything else.  With most of my energy focused on studying to become a teacher in Aura-Soma (I was a Colour Care consultant at this time), I didn’t do anything about it. Read more