aura soma pomanders in Jersey

p16-jersey-pomander-magentaFor part of my morning meditation preparation, I regularly use a pomander. This morning I chose the pale magenta pomander, and visualized a pale magenta light surrounding the Earth.  I asked for healing for the Earth and all the beings within, upon, and above the Earth (this is an exercise I learned from my training with Aura-Soma, and do every day).  I feel this is very important at this moment in time as we are going through a huge transformation. There is a lot of anger, anxiety, fear, hurt, and sadness in the world. You only have to put on the TV or pick up the newspaper to see what I mean!

Remember – other people’s anger and fear is theirs, not yours.  If we get caught in fear and anger and react with these same emotions, we will only become part of the problem.  We must become part of the solution.  Stay in your own power, go within and breathe in strength and calmness.  Send love and light to the whole world and all the beings who live within, upon and around the Earth. Let us take action – not create reactions of negative emotions.  Positivity creates more positivity. Negativity creates more negativity.  Which one do you want to create?

Love and light